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Funky Time

Funky Time

Funky Time

Brand : Evolution , Category : Live Casino

Elevate your Live Casino experience with Funky Time! Bet on 24 dynamic segments for huge wins & dive into sensational Bonus games. Start the Funk Now!

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Engage in thrilling action centered on our cutting-edge DigiWheel, designed to dynamically allocate numerous random multipliers to various segments each round. Victory is yours if you bet on the segment where the wheel stops.

The wheel is segmented into 24 alphabetic sections, each offering a default 25:1 payout. You can win in the main gameplay even before accessing the Bonus rounds.

Get down with Funky Time

Funky Time comes packed with four Bonus options—Bar, Stayin'n Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. Hit any of the Bonus zones and you're transported into one of these bonus rounds where you're guaranteed to bag some multipliers!


Should the flapper land on 'Bar', you'll enter a special Bonus round featuring a whimsical robot and a trio of multiplier-accumulating glasses.

Choose the glass you think contains the highest multiplier, then observe the robot as it tops up your glass and unveils an additional surprise—a single-reel slot revealing another multiplier, which will be randomly distributed among the glasses.



This Bonus game infuses entertainment with a ball-drawing mechanism, featuring 90 colored balls and a 20-tier multiplier ladder, which can soar up to a 10,000x multiplier.

Players kick off at the base level of the ladder with a 5x multiplier and have four 'lives'.

Select your team and ascend the multiplier ladder based on the color of the drawn bingo ball. Different types of balls let you move up one or two steps, while a black ball costs all players a life, freezing their current multiplier level. After four black balls are drawn, the game concludes.

If a multiplier was awarded in the initial wheel spin, it amplifies each value on the multiplier ladder.



Here, Mr Funky struts his stuff on a 37-square virtual dance floor, accumulating multipliers as he goes.

The DJ booth's game host spins a small wheel displaying four directions. The wheel's stopping point dictates Mr Funky's path as he gathers multipliers strewn across the floor. The Bonus round terminates if Mr Funky tumbles off the dance floor.

If a multiplier is awarded at the start, it amplifies all regular multipliers before Mr Funky starts his dance.


In this Bonus, Mr Funky grooves across an expansive 63-square dance floor, offering him more space to amass multipliers.

Just like in the Disco Bonus, the round ends when Mr Funky falls off the dance floor's edge.

Any multiplier received during the initial spin will multiply each regular multiplier before Mr Funky begins his dance.


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