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Mega Ball Live Game Shows

Mega Ball Live Game Shows

Mega Ball Live Game Shows

Brand : Evolution , Category : Live Casino

Mega Ball awaits in our Live Casino! From dazzling draws to the suspense of multipliers, see if luck is on your side. Spin & win now!

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Mega Ball offers a distinctive and captivating game show experience, incorporating one or two bonus Mega Ball rounds. These rounds give players an opportunity to enhance their winnings through special multipliers. The objective? Securing as many lines on each card as one can — with more lines leading to higher rewards! This innovative game blends traditional bingo mechanics with the fun of lottery-style bouncing balls, presenting a novel online live dealer experience reminiscent of top-tier casino game shows.


Exclusively introduced by Evolution, this electrifying game takes place in a bright and vivid studio setting. The centerpiece? Our tailor-made ball drawing apparatus, filled with 51 varied colored balls.

Engaging in the game is a breeze. Players set their card's worth, then opt for their number of choice, going up to 400 in a single round. The drama unfolds as players match the drawn balls to their cards, all while the possibility of victory looms!

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MEGA BALL DRAW During the Mega Ball segment, 20 distinct balls are swiftly drawn from the machine. Once out, the respective card numbers of players get ticked off. These cards are then automatically reordered on-screen, highlighting those close to clinching a win. Players can easily spot the numbers they require to triumph, with possible rewards shown for successful matches.

The climax? The revelation of the Mega Ball multiplier, ranging from 5x to 100x. This not only alters the studio's visual atmosphere but also casts a spotlight on numbers leading to a win. If the Mega Ball fills a line, it boosts the player's prize amount.

And there's a hint of further drama: the potential appearance of a '2nd Mega Ball', offering yet another multiplier-enhanced winning opportunity!

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