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General Rules

Explore TAYA777's betting rules to ensure a fair and transparent sports betting experience. Read our rules to understand betting limits, in-play betting rules, and more important information.

Welcome to TAYA777! Our betting rules are designed to ensure a transparent and fair betting experience. Please familiarize yourself with these rules to make informed bets.

General Sports Rules

Betting Limits:

  • Minimum and maximum bet amounts are determined by TAYA777.
  • These limits are subject to change without prior notice.

Account Responsibility:

  • Members are solely responsible for their account transactions.
  • Review your bets for errors before submitting.

Bet Confirmation:

  • Once a transaction is complete, it cannot be changed.
  • Review your transactions in the "Statement Details" section after each session.

betting rules

Results and Settlement

Event Outcomes:

  • The result of an event is determined on the day of its conclusion.
  • TAYA777 does not recognize overturned decisions for betting purposes.

Market Settlement:

  • Markets are settled at the end of the event, but some may be settled earlier.
  • The company reserves the right to reverse settlement in case of errors.

In-Play/In-Running Rules

Betting During a Game:

  • Bets are accepted once the game begins and cease when taken off the odds display.

System Acceptance Procedure:

  • All In-Play bets are subject to a system acceptance procedure.

Significant Events:

  • Bets will be rejected if a significant event occurs during bet placement.

Dead Heat Rules

Winning Selections:

  • If there is a dead heat, winnings are reduced based on the number of winning selections.


  • If your selection is in a dead heat, your stake is divided accordingly, and winnings are calculated at the original odds.

Change of Venue

Void Bets:

  • Bets are void if the scheduled venue changes and the original away team becomes the home team.

Discretionary Decisions:

  • TAYA777 reserves the right to void bets in case of other venue changes that could affect the event outcome.

Errors and Irregular Bets

Error Handling:

  • TAYA777 reserves the right to void a bet if there is a clear error.

Irregular Bets:

  • Bets will be voided, and accounts suspended if a member is suspected of cheating or damaging our platform.

Maximum Payouts

Daily Limits:

  • The maximum amount that can be won in any one day is CNY(Php)1.5m or its equivalent.

Sport-Specific Limits:

  • Different sports have different maximum payout limits.

Accept Better Odds

Automatic Processing:

  • Selections with better odds are processed automatically unless the return value is lower.

Enhanced Price Specials / Multiples (Price Boosts)

Special Offers:

  • These markets are offered at the discretion of TAYA777 and may be withdrawn at any time.

Stake Limits:

  • There are limited stake amounts for these markets, which may be adjusted.

Regular Time Basis:

  • Markets are offered based on regular time and do not include Extra Time or Penalty Shootout unless stated otherwise.
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